Clear search history

Clear search history

Internet search history

Have you noticed that when you start typing in a search box such as e.g. Google or Yahoo a drop-down list with every search you have ever typed appears?

Your search history is stored on your computer because of a feature called Autocomplete. Autocomplete stores a list of everything you type in web pages (e.g. search engine history, your name, e-mail address, credit card information, etc).

Your Internet search history is like a map of everything that you searched. While search history may be helpful for some things, it can also seriously compromise your security and privacy.

Windows search history

After you have searched for an item using Windows Explorer, Windows will automatically keep a record of the search. And this search history will be visible to anyone who begins a new search. Would you want everyone to see your search history?

How to clear search history manually

To clear search history in Internet Explorer 7.0:

Select "Tools".

Select "Internet Options".

Open the "General" tab.

In the "Browsing history" area click the "Delete" button.

In the "Delete browsing history" window click the "Delete forms" button and then click "Yes".

Click Close and then click OK.

To clear search history in Internet Explorer 6.x:

Select "Tools".

Select "Internet Options".

Open the "Content" tab.

Click the "AutoComplete" button.

Click the "Clear forms" button to clear search history.

Click OK.

To clear search history in Firefox 2.0:

Select "Tools"

Select "Options".

Select "Privacy".

In Private area click "Clear Now".

In the "Clear Private Data" window put the check mark for "Saved form and Search History" and click "Clear Private Data Now".

Click OK.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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